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Music is a wonderful gift to share, and many families choose to introduce it into the lives of their children at a young age in the hope that they will show promise, and maybe one day develop a mastery over the instrument. For this reason, we’d like to go over a few of the best starting options for young ones, as well as the best guitar for kids of all ages.

Now, to find the absolute best guitar for kids, parents may wish to simply browse Amazon in order to make sure they are getting the best deal. Rest assured, what follows is a comprehensive list on the best small scale guitars for smaller hands. They are all good guitars for girls and boys of all ages. We’ll first look at guitars for the youngest budding musicians, and work our way up to guitars for more experienced hands.

First Act FG3718

First Act consistently produces some of the best acoustic guitars for small hands. The FG3718 is perfect for any parent on a budget, or for any child who may or may not wish to continue their practice. At the unbelievably affordable price of under fifty dollars, the FG718 is one of the best guitars for kids who are curious about learning the instrument, and parents can be comfortable with easily indulging their child in their musical interests. And at that price, how could anyone say no?


J Reynolds JR14PB 36-Inch AcousticJ Reynolds JR14PB 36-Inch Acoustic

For the slightly more serious student, the JR14PB 36-inch from J Reynolds is a great acoustic guitar for beginners. The small body makes this guitar a good choice both for younger players, as well as older ones looking for an affordable travel guitar option. The steel strings may be a tad harder for younger players to press down, but the basswood top, ebony fingerboard, and rosewood bridge give this guitar a more professional look and feel that is hard to get at a comparable price. A perfect option for the young beginner.


Stedman Pro Beginner Series 39-Inch Electric Guitar Starter Package

If looking for an electric guitar for small hands, it’s hard to beat this package from the Stedman Beginner Series. The package comes with a full scale, 39-inch electric guitar for kids, cut in a classic Stratocaster style with a glossy finish, and is a solid choice for both the beginner and intermediate player. It also includes a 15-watt amp, gig bag, strap, cables, picks, extra strings, string winder, polish cloth, and electric tuner, giving you everything you could need to start jamming right away.


Hohner HC03 3/4-Size Classical

Sized with children between the ages of eight and thirteen in mind, this classical guitar by Hohner is one of the better choices for an acoustic guitar targeted toward beginners interested in pursuing a more disciplined, traditional, and classical approach. The nylon strings and comfortable, mahogany neck provide easy playability and control, and the solid spruce top with catalpa back and sides grants a more sustained and rich tone than most other classical guitars of the same price. The HC03 from Hohner remains the best guitar for kids interested in classical music, from one of the most well-trusted and reliable brands in the industry. For what it’s worth, it definitely has our stamp of approval.


Yamaha JR1 3/4 Scale

Like the Hohner HC03, the Yamaha JR1 is sized to fit the younger player, but in the form of a true acoustic guitar. This is a good choice for both younger players and ones comfortable with playing smaller-sized guitars, and it works great as an acoustic for the traveling musician. Although the JR1 is scaled down, it sacrifices little in terms of tone. With a mahogany back, spruce top, and rosewood fingerboard, Yamaha offers a professional and versatile option for an affordable price.


Squier by Fender, Bullet Strat Beginner Electric

Moving on from guitars directly targeted to the very young, the Squire Bullet Strat Beginner Electric offers a full size body, and is possibly the best electric guitar for kids who want to reaffirm their commitment with an instrument more professional in both look and feel. The Squire series is Fender’s introductory line of instruments that compromises nothing in quality of sound. It features twenty-one medium jumbo frets, three single-coil pickups, and even a tremolo bar for maximum expressive control. You pay for what you get, however, as this guitar is one of the more expensive options. Still, it won’t break the bank, coming in at one hundred and fifty dollars even.


Epiphone Pro-1 Plus Solid Top Acoustic Guitar System for Beginners

For the older, more serious-minded kids interested in focusing on acoustic guitar, the Epiphone Pr0-1 Plus is hard to beat. With its solid spruce top, laminated mahogany body and neck, and PRO-Prietary bracing, this guitar promises to sound better and better the more it is played. Additionally, the Pro-1 features a rosewood fingerboard coated in Epiphone’s signature PRO-Ease to reduce unwanted string noise and provide a smooth action. This makes this acoustic guitar for beginners easy to play from the moment it is picked up. This is easily the best guitar for kids who want an acoustic they can treasure and play for years to come.

That about wraps up our list of the best guitars for kids. We tried to present a wide range of guitars best suited for youngsters of both varying ages, skill level, and price range, and hope any interested parent or curious kid will find what they were looking for at a price which they can easily afford.

As we usher in the next generation of shapers and movers of the world, it’s comforting to know that among them will be the next great musicians of the new age. And who knows, maybe one of these guitars will give them the inspiration to keep on dreaming, and reach for the stars. We here at Great Recording can only hope, and wish them all the very best in their endeavors.

  1. Reply
    Tom Farr March 7, 2017 at 12:14 am

    I appreciate that you included a good number of acoustic guitars instead of simply pushing players to thinner neck electric guitars.

    As someone with small hands I really like the Epiphone Pro-1, and am also a huge fan of the thin body Epiphone PR-5E. Have you ever tried playing it?

  2. Reply
    John Parker March 20, 2017 at 11:45 am

    I haven’t personally tried the Epiphone PR-5E, but I’ll be sure to pick it up next time I’m at our local shop. While I play a standard scale Takamine, I started researching smaller scales and thinner necks when my son wanted to take up the guitar. I tried to push him toward one of the acoustics, but he opted for the Squire mini as a starter. Hopefully I can try persuading him again when he’s ready to step up 🙂

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